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Mentoring by Roman Zelenka
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Mentoring by Roman Zelenka

Every meeting with Roman was filled with insights, deep reflection and a sense of empowerment. Roman has innate people skills to guide and elevate leaders to perform at their best! It is rare to meet people like Roman who have a deep sense of understanding and the knowledge to help your business thrive. 

Anitha Johny

Director of Translation and Localization dept., Linguava, USA

I have on several occasions witnessed Roman running workshops and team-building exercises with his own staff and with external stakeholders. He has always impressed me with his personal manners and the structure and organization he brings to these events. I have also heard from many attendees how much they appreciate Roman’s techniques and deep knowledge of people management, and how he makes them feel very comfortable throughout their learning experience.

Jesper Sandberg

Owner & Chairman, Sandberg Translation Partners, UK

With Roman, I realized that I probably underestimated the power of discipline. Now after our coaching sessions, I feel empowered again!

Williams Pedrogan

Director of IT and Internal Operations, MCIS, Canada

Roman is a professional coach who naturally made me feel at ease. He gave me clarity and practical advice that made me feel empowered and confident. His approach is compassionate while encouraging and challenging me to find my own answers. Roman is very knowledgeable about the international business environment, easy to open up to and a delight to spend time with. I highly appreciate his honest and straightforward approach.

Tsetska Karadjova

Owner & CEO, Interlang, Bulgaria

Cooperation with Roman Zelenka helped me think better about a proper work/private balance, especially how to bring more creativity and new ideas into the work. I also appreciated valuable tips for time management and finding my inner strength. I feel now more relieved and have more space for myself. 

Hynek Mandula

Pfeifer GmbH, Austria

I was worried that my theories were outdated, and Roman gave me fantastic feedback and reflection. Because he was in my shoes, he showed me how to do things right and how important strategy is. Talking to someone who has a similar professional background and went through the same experiences/struggles is truly cathartic.

Lester Korbely

Director of Marketing and Business Development, MCIS, Canada

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