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Coaching is all about the relationship. Through deep conversations, I work with my clients to reveal their blind spots and ask powerful questions to unlock their potential and maximize their performance. Rather than offering answers, I help them arrive at their own solutions. My goal is to support my clients in becoming better versions of themselves. 

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People I’ve Worked With

Roman is a great coaching partner who always holds me accountable for achieving my goals. Our candid conversations helped me to find my inner balance and zoom out from daily operations to follow the clear vision I have in my business and private life. I like how he combines asking powerful questions and sharing the experience he gained through his business career. It helps me to be a better leader and keep my team engaged and motivated.

David Brackett

President, Linguava, USA

I’ve decided to cooperate with Roman and his company based on the trust in him and his character. After 20 years in business, I was feeling stuck and burnt out. Roman helped me to re-discover my values, my vision and my resilience. Thanks to his coaching and mentoring services I’ve found my balance and started to be creative again. I’m also very pleased with the coaching and events he is providing to the directors of my other companies.

Daniel Tkac

Serial entrepreneur, TAS STAPPA, PURLIVE, Czech Republic

With Roman, I realized that I probably underestimated the power of discipline. Now after our coaching sessions, I feel empowered again!

Williams Pedrogan

Director of IT and Internal Operations, MCIS, Canada

Reach new altitudes

Our candid conversations help me and my clients create meaningful goals that I hold them accountable to fulfilling.

Most commonly these goals involve:
– inner balance
– motivation
– clear vision
– future-proofing company culture
– enhancing team dynamics
– and other vital leadership skills.

I draw my methods from multiple sources, including:
– Coaching for Performance
– EMCC Global
– and International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Frequently Asked Questions


In my mind, I have no coaching clients—they are all coaching partners. I offer support and reveal blind spots as we co-create a plan of attack to reach their goals. Our partnership is built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, collaboration and growth.

Who is the ideal client?

I work best with early-stage entrepreneurs who want to evolve into high-performing leaders. I usually prefer them to have at least 4 full-time employees, but that isn’t a requirement.

How many clients do you work with?

I choose to keep my practice small, around 8 to 10 partners. This allows me to focus fully on those partnerships and ensure that they remain beneficial in the long-term. For this reason, our initial conversations will be focused on determining “fit” rather than pushing you to commit.

How long does a coaching engagement last?

The duration of a coaching relationship is open-ended—it can continue for as long as both sides desire but, if done right, will not last forever. I only partner with someone if I believe there is potential to build a long-term relationship. My only requirement is an initial three months of sessions and most of these partnerships last for six to nine.

Do you have a program or system?

I have resisted “one-size-fits-all” approaches all my life and do the same in my coaching practice. Your individual circumstances are crucial to how I work, and while I do draw on frameworks, case studies, and other resources when necessary, our efforts are best spent finding or creating a method that works best for you. My strength in coaching lies in helping you cultivate fresh perspectives and approaches, rather than simply giving you advice or answers.

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