Houston, we have a problem! I need to change my life but I don’t know how!

Sometimes we feel that the trajectory of our life is heading in a bad direction. 

We may experience: 

  • low energy
  • loss of enthusiasm
  • a lower level of patience
  • unable to smile even to very positive people
  • symptoms of our physical body (back pain or headache)

If you start to experience some of these symptoms, it’s just a warning signal for you.

You can ignore it and head on a further decline making things worse … OR you can decide to change it.

To start, ask yourself these questions: 

1) What specific problems do I have?

2) When did I start noticing these symptoms?

3) Is it a recent state or long-term problem?

4) Where do I feel discomfort in my body? 

5) Where exactly? 

6) Is it affecting my physical state?

7) Does it influence how I react to others?

Once you have pinpointed the source, we can then seek out a solution, right? 

Here is one tip you can try.

First, get to a state of comfort in a place where nobody will disturb you. Breathe deeply. Imagine yourself zooming out and looking at your life from a safe distance.

And then ask yourself: 

1) What would make me happy?

2) Do I have anything? 

3) Yes? Things are not that bad.

4) If not? The problem comes from a deeper place. 

5) Do I find ways to numb this feeling of discomfort with a dose of dopamine? Is browsing through Instagram, buying something expensive, overeating or pornography going to help?

6) Do I think that this is a permanent solution to my problem or it is just deepening or neglecting it? 

Sometimes we don’t like to ask ourselves these questions. It can be a hard exercise because we might not like the answers we need to find. Not everyone knows how to face themselves in this way. 

Many people turn to professionals by allowing them to ask these questions and guide them through this process.

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